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Room 5 - 'Have A Go Day'

Room 5 children had a fantastic time taking part in sports activities at the Edgar Centre. Sports included Touch Rugby, Golf, Cricket, T Ball, Athletics and Tennis. Her are some pictures of the children in action. 

Room 5 - Art Gallery Visit

Picture Frames Created by Room 5 Children

Room 5 - 'Matariki'

Let The Celebration Begin

The New Year celebration

Begins when the 'Matariki' stars shine the brightest

At the dawn of the New Day.

It’s a special time of the year, a time when the whispering wind blows warm from the
east and a crescent moon rises in the wintery night sky.

Room 5 children have created a mural that celebrates the story of ‘Matariki’. The elements of the mural include the 7 sisters in the dawn sky. Plentiful food that has been gathered from the land and the sea ready for farewelling the old year and greeting the New Year.

The Room 5 children have crafted together found objects, folded origami, woven paper and Harakeke to create this mural.

The photographs below show room 5 children mastering the art of paper folding and weaving the stars from listening and watching (on the school's new Ipad's) to a youtube clip listed below:

Paper folding and Weaving

Room 5 Children Egg Sitting

This week in Room 5 we have been constructing egg houses and looking after eggs.

We have been drawing facial features on our eggs, our egg houses look great.

We hope we will become responsible parents by learning what it is like to look after eggs for a week.

Room 5 children hope you like the egg minding photographs below

Written by Nikau (Year 4)

Room 5 - Egg Sitting

 As part of ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’, the children are going to become chief babysitters for an egg!

The children will be responsible for the egg for four days (starting on the 7th June) and have to care for the egg at all times. The children can name their egg and create a safe house for their egg. If the children want to leave their egg, they have to engage another person to egg-sit! If the child’s egg breaks they are not allowed to replace it.

The aim of this activity is for the children to learn to look after themselves and others. The children will hopefully get an appreciation of the hard work you do as a parent.

This will be an egg-ceptional week. I am looking forward to watching your children become responsible and egg-tremely great parents!